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All-in-one architecture that combines all the elements of the cloud system and the latest technology.

JD-ONE is the all-in-one appliance that combines hardware elements required to configure the cloud via the HCI (Hyper-Converged-Infrastructure) technology. The optimized architecture configuration is provided at a low cost, and the easy and simple integrated administration for the cloud system is guaranteed by JDESKTOP Enterprise, a bundled virtualization solution.

JD-ONE 프로세스


HCI, the core technology of JD-ONE, integrates the virtualization system and Gluster which guarantees the linear scalability of the scale-out method. It is designed to accommodate and process the vast amount of data effectively and rapidly by guaranteeing seamless nod expansion and the resultant full distributed processing.

JD-ONE 구성도

Features and Benefits

Simple Configuration

  • Minimize the upper space thanks to the integration of hardware resources such as servers and storage
  • Provide simple and clear administration tools so that anyone can configure the cloud easily


  • One-point administration function to overcome the weakness of the existing infra environment which had to manage HW, SW and OS separately
  • Reduce administration points and improve user convenience by using the administrator and user portals


  • Estimate and expand necessary resources only, unlike the previous method of purchasing all the hardware resources for system expansion
  • Secure the universality to accommodate even mission-critical infrastructure environments

Independence and Flexibility

  • Unlike the existing infra method which had a limited configuration due to its dependency, JD-ONE alone can build an independent architecture
  • Ensures the efficient configuration and flexible scalability in any given system building environment beyond the dependent restrictions

TOC Reduction

  • The reduced scope of administration cut the infra operation and administration costs
  • The built-in cloud solution reduces the solution installation cost


Server Virtualization

  • Use by accessing to the computing resource of the server
  • Use different operation systems via virtual machines
  • Efficiently operate various server applications
  • Reduce the operation costs and utilize server resources efficiently

Desktop Virtualization

  • Centralized administration of internal IT data
  • Apply and recover security policies in batch
  • Provide a smooth work environment for new and remote workers
  • Apply the logical network separation

U2L(Unix To Linux)

  • Utilize x86 platform with improved system performance and stability
  • Secure the fast processing speed and build the stable environment at a low cost
  • Easily compatible with the applications of various functions
  • Easy expansion and low dependency

Private Cloud

  • Cloud that is built and operated directly by a company
  • Build cloud resources in forms that users want
  • Overcome the weakness of difficult building and administration via JD-ONE
  • Reduce the building time

Various Utilization according to Purposes

  • Efficient for not only large-size but also small and mid-size systems
  • Reduce the costs to replace PCs, purchase the operation system and consume electricity
  • Provide a work environment anywhere and at any time (Smart Work)
  • Block the outflow of contents and the internal system