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About Us

FusionData is Korea’s representative company specializing in the development of cloud-based technologies.

Since the establishment in 2001, we have laid a foundation for growth via the development of our own product in 2013 with constant change and innovation. Via continuous R&D and investment, our company has acquired GS certification, CC certification and various technology patents. Based on the KOSDAQ listing on December 21, 2016, the cornerstone for a further leap forward, we, FusionData, will become a leading company in the virtualization solution market by expanding our business scope from the vitalization system to Smart Work and Cloud Service.

Company Name

Date of Establishment


Registration & Listing

Key Businesses

Fusion Data Co., Ltd.

June, 2001

Lee, Jongmyeong

Listed on KOSDAQ on December 21, 2016

Network Separation, Smart Work, Cloud Service, Infra Establishment, etc.