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JDESKTOP Enterprise

Integrated Administration Solution for the Web-based Virtualization System.

JDESKTOP Enterprise is an Enterprise Solution which includes all the functions for the integrated virtualization system administration with web-based administrator/ user portal, as well as other various functions such as monitoring, reporting and log management. In addition, the product has been developed based on the analysis of the domestic IT environment and various system building experiences and has proven its optimized performance, security and quality.



Administrator Portal

The administrator portal provides the overall administration information of the virtualization system and VM users, ensuring the efficiency of the administration task. The administrator portal provides functions such as approving and administering VMs that users subscribed to, creating and administering new VM users, setting up and adding VM policies, and distributing notices.

관리자 포탈
  • It provides web-based operation functions such as the administration of virtual machines, accounts and policies
  • The flexible customizing environment with menu and function options
  • A function to select the menu option by administrator rights
  • The detailed activity log and the Excel Export function
  • A task scheduling function such as virtual machine, DB administration and power control
  • A message transfer function
  • A function to send an e-mail in the event of VM subscription/approval.

User Portal

The user portal helps users who are not familiar with the virtual environment to check the processing status for VM administration, VM subscription and troubleshooting requests, etc. in real time via the web-based user portal.

사용자 포탈
  • It provides user interaction services such as notices, FAQ and troubleshooting
  • A function to administer basic account information and passwords
  • A function to administer the self-virtual environment
  • An approval process function in accordance with VM subscriptions and changes
  • A resource allocation function in accordance with work types
  • Administration and access statistics at the time of administrator-level user login
  • A manual and agent download function
사용자 포탈

Monitoring / Reporting

The virtualization system administrator conducts real-time monitoring on the CPU, MEM, DISK and Network information of the virtualization system via the integrated dashboard, and identifies and responds to the anomalous signs of the system by setting thresholds for each resource. In addition, it provides daily/weekly reporting functions and the detailed information of each VM.

  • Unconstrained layout and configuration of module-level controls
  • Compatible with various resolutions
  • Detailed data retrieval and Excel Export function
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • A report mailing function