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Business Areas

FusionData is taking the lead in the cloud and virtualization businesses via products developed by its own technologies.

In order to respond to the change of the user computing environment, we provide the cloud-based virtualization system building and service, so that users can save every piece of information on Internet servers and use this information anywhere and at any time via various IT devices. In addition, our virtualization service separates the work network and Internet network to protect them safely from external security threats.

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The virtualization technology of FusionData is used in various areas and allows users to access the personal virtual environment via their terminals anywhere and at any time. The technology is utilized in areas such as Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, U2L and Private Cloud, and helps companies build the virtualization environment for the purpose of TCO reduction, centralized administration and control, security enhancement, and Smart Work environment building.


Physical Efficiency : TCO Decrease / ROI Increase

  • The number of administered servers decreases
  • Occupied spaces decreases
  • Cable decreases
  • Green IT is realized thanks to the decrease of power consumption

Manageability : Centralized Administration & Control

  • Easy to provide the work environment for new employees, contract and dispatched workers
  • An IT administrator recovers and controls troubles in batch at the center
  • Prevent the work data loss caused by troubles in advance via the HA configuration

Enhanced Security : Prevent internal data leakage

  • Block the malicious data leakage by internal staff since all data is saved on the server
  • Guarantee safety against external intrusion by shutting down work/Internet networks

Work Efficiency : Build the Smart Work environment

  • Users can adapt quickly to the new work environment since there is not much difference from the existing environment
  • Users can access their personal virtual desktop from outside of the company

Network Connection

Cyber security threats such as personal information leakage and confidential company data leakage are becoming more and more intelligent. So, the government announced various policies and bills for separating work networks from the Internet network, mandating the network separation. FusionData ensures the success and safety of the network separation project for customers through various experiences in network separation and network connection businesses.

Network Separation System Building Business

Prepare for intrusion from outside by separating the work network form the external (Internet) network, and build the information security system to block the leakage of internal data.

Network Separation System Building Business

Network Connection System Building Business

Establish the data transfer system through the network connection system after the security administrator’s policy and approval, when transmitting data between separate networks

Network Connection System Building Business


To deliver a customer's reliable cloud service environment, we have specialized consulting staff and ICT Infrastructure teams. Based on numerous deployment experience and close collaboration with H/W venders, we provide reliable follow-up services such as IT infrastructure planning, design, operations, and rapid maintenance and systemic maintenance.



Provide customized consulting services by analyzing the currently operated infra configuration and considering the architecture to be introduced later in order to implement the virtualization environment.


Provide services required for the establishment and expansion of various businesses such as cloud service, data center network separation and connection and smart work environment.


Provide stable maintenance services via our company employees equipped with the best technological skills and the technology cooperation with partner companies after the virtualization and network separation environments are established.